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K​eeping Safe with Coronavirus

Our extra precautions

At the moment ‘normal’ cleaning procedures are simply not enough to control the spread of Coronavirus. We are using an recommended set of cleaning guidance which includes the following;


Allowing additional time for the cleaning to take place. This does mean that we may need to ask our guests to check in later and check out earlier  but we hope you understand that it is for the safety of you, and our cleaners.  This will be advised to you before your arrival.


We will be taking high-risk/high-touch items out of Southwold Rock. This includes items such as board games and DVDs and some soft furnishings.  Please remember to bring your books, games and playing cards with you!


Our changovers will involve extra hygiene measures, such as cleaning and disinfecting high contact areas of the property  such a door handles, remote controls, light switches and banisters.


Your role in staying safe

If you have any of the recognised symptons of coronavirus before your arrival we ask that you please do not proceed with your holiday.  

Please remember to wash your hands each time you enter or leave the property.  On your departure please strip all the beds and put all bed linen, towels and tea towels in the bath.   We also ask that you take extra care to remove all personal items when you leave and we ask that you empty the fridge and all the bins and take all your rubbish out of the property.  Please remove all bottles too.


Minimising risk

Even with all the measures that are being taken, we cannot 100% guarantee that this property will be Covid-free. We can assure you that the risk of contagion at Southwold Rock is very low – much lower, for example, than visiting a shop or supermarket.  Whilst staying at Southwold Rock we ask that you abide by the current government guidelines with regard to social distancing and meeting friends in the property who are from more than one other household.  Anyone seen to be breaching the guidelines may be asked to leave.

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